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March 1, 2016 | 1:27 am | By Pants Up Easy

Spring brings everyone out of their homes to enjoy the beautiful sights of nature after a cold or rainy winter. Unfortunately, it often brings the first signs of swarming terminates or sightings of termite damage. So what should do to the first time you swat at a that “fly” who actually turns out to be a termite? Take action … and quickly before damage escalates. Here are some things to do to help you get control of a termite problem before it become a full infestation – if it hasn’t already.

Inspect for Moisture

Termites love a moist environment. Check your home, especially areas around outdoor hoses or gutters to see if areas near your home’s foundation may be inhibited from proper drainage, causing pooling or damp areas around the house’s foundation. Also, be sure and check shady areas where trees, shrubs or other buildings block sunlight to see if dampness has gone untreated throughout the winter. Work to control any such moisture at once to stem the problem.

Look for Termite Damage

Termites can rapidly cause damage to your home’s structure. Check for damage by tapping along windowsills, baseboards and finally walls with a small lightweight hammer or tool handle, listening for any hollow areas.  If you discover any breakage with your tapping, you’ve discovered excessive damage. Look into any loose areas of trim or actual signs of bugs. While you can not rely solely on your own home inspection, you may be able to pinpoint areas of excessive infestation and start assessing damage for professional help or construction.

Hunt for Tell-Tale Signs of Mud Tubes

Termites want a moist environment nearby, that’s why mud tubes provide their ideal shelter. Look for these small, miniature straw-shaped attachments to your home along cracks in your walls or foundation, ceiling joints, flooring, and beside chimneys, pipes or other items extending outside your home. Signs of these tubes tell how extensive termites are in a particular area.

Call Professionals

The tips above provide you with clues of how your termites may be entering or how extensive your damage might be. However, this knowledge should be immediately relayed to a professional. Termites don’t take holidays, they cause damage 24/7, 365 days a year. Don’t risk your home to old wives’ tales or do-it-yourself remedies for something this important. Professional eradication, with the help of the knowledge you’ve gathered, is the quickest, most effective way to stop termite damage before they wreck your home.

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