Will Pants Up Easy Still Help Me If My Upper Body Strength Is Weak?

August 5, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

Have you heard the Pants Up Easy story? We feature it on our website, but I’ll give you the Cliffs Notes version here. Our founder, Doug, was constantly wondering why his wheelchair-bound buddy Paul always took so long in the restroom. Obviously, this is a sensitive subject to broach, but Doug eventually had to ask: what gives?

The answer astounded Doug: Paul was struggling to pull his pants up most of the time! Surely there was an easier method.

And that’s where our product comes in. The name says it all – we want to help you pull your pants up, easily.

  • That’s nice, but what about my upper body strength?

Well, there’s a reason I retold that story here: I want you to understand what this product is meant to do. We’re trying to simplify your life. Therefore, if this product was only useful to the strong, we wouldn’t be helping many people. Instead, this product is useful to everyone, regardless of their arm strength (or lack thereof).

  • How will it support me without arm strength?

Pants Up Easy is kind of like having a pair of stationary crutches under your arm. You know how crutches have the padding that goes underneath the armpits? Our product has something similar. They’re essentially a pair of metal “arms” – a pair of protrusions that stick out over the toilet. When you’re done with your business, you throw your real arms over these protrusions so they can hold your body up. You’ll drape your armpits over the protrusions and reach down to pull up your pants. Sounds easy, right?

  • It does. So will arm strength be beneficial?

It wouldn’t hurt. When you’re unable to use the lower portion of your body, it’s smart to do a little work on the upper portion. Additional arm strength will help you keep control of your wheelchair, allow you to perform more activities and functions, and can be helpful in case you fall. Even if you do purchase our product, we recommend a little arm strength training for all wheelchair users.

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