Why Was Pants Up Easy Invented?

February 3, 2016 | 5:00 am | By Pants Up Easy


There is no doubt that Pants Up Easy is a beneficial product for wheelchair users. The device enables those who spend their days in a wheelchair to quickly and easily pull their pants up, which is a tedious process for most that must be done several times throughout their day. There most certainly was a need for the Pants Up Easy product in the wheelchair community, but you may be wondering, where did the inspiration come from?

Douglas Pearson, the inventor of the Pants Up Easy product, isn’t a wheelchair user himself, but after spending time with his close friend Paul Degroot who is, he saw the need for a quicker, simpler way to accomplish the basic task of pulling up pants. Each time Paul would visit the restroom, Douglas would notice that it seemed to take an exceptionally long time. When he finally worked up the courage to ask Paul why the process took so long, he found out that the majority of the time was spent trying to pull up his pants. It was then that the idea for Pants Up Easy came about.

Wheelchair users are almost guaranteed to struggle with the task of pulling up their pants. Trying to support your weight without the use of your legs while also pulling your pants up or down is certainly not an easy thing to accomplish. Many wheelchair users develop a sort of routine for getting the job done, which will typically involve wiggling from side to side, shifting their weight, while trying to slowly move their pants up or down. Douglas thought there had to be a better way.

Within no time at all, Douglas had drawn up a sketch of a device that he thought would be an answer to this issue. After a bit of discussion with Paul, they realized they were on to something. And the rest, they say, is history.

After several months of use, Paul is convinced that the pants Up Easy product could be a game changer for anyone who struggles with pulling up their pants each day. Gone are the days of wasting inordinate amounts of time simply attempting to get dressed. With this device, wheelchair users can quickly and efficiently accomplish the task while maintaining all of the independence they prefer.

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