When To Avoid Transferring Off Your Wheelchair

November 30, 2015 | 5:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

 Everything you see on this site – the products, the blogs, the testimonials; heck, even the website itself – was all created because of one simple problem: pulling your pants up. Our founder could not understand why something so simple could cause so much trouble for wheelchair-bound folks. But once he realized the difficulty this task causes, Pants Up Easy was created.

Another seemingly simple task that is hard for wheelchair users? Transferring. Transferring to and from your wheelchair is a dicey proposition, because every transfer puts your safety at risk. Ideally, you’ll feel secure enough on your own or have enough help to make a transfer, but occasionally it’s not worth the risk. Let’s discuss when to avoid transferring off your wheelchair:

If you will have no options after a fall

For those who live alone, it can be dangerous to transfer off the wheelchair by yourself. Because what happens if you fall? Every wheelchair user should be equipped with some kind of safety alert system (like the heavily advertised Life Alert) in case of a fall, and avoid those type of situations at all costs. A fall is not only problematic, it could also result in an injury. Try not to transfer alone unless absolutely necessary.

If your wheelchair is malfunctioning in any way

A wheelchair has several simple components, and if one of these components isn’t working properly, you could be in trouble. Ensure that your wheelchair has working brakes and no loose pieces, so that you will be secure enough to use the wheelchair as leverage during a transfer. The wheels and armrests also need to be secured and stable, since you will depend on them to provide support for the transfer.

If the wheelchair cannot be placed close to the target

Whatever your transfer target is, you need to get the wheelchair as physically close to it as possible. We advise that you grab hold of the target area in some way before initiating a transfer, and that would be difficult if you’re three feet away. If you can’t get any closer, seek assistance or avoid the transfer altogether.

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