Wheelchair Users: How to Stay Fit

July 22, 2017 | 10:38 pm | By Pants Up Easy

While you may not be looking at getting six-pack abs, staying healthy should be a priority. Look at Nick Scott, a wheelchair bodybuilder who is motivating people from all around the world to stay healthy.

It is important for you to take care of your health at every point in time. This becomes even more important when you are in a wheelchair as your motion is limited and being in the same position for a very long time can have adverse effects.

So how do you take care of your health in such a situation? Here are some tips:

1. Stay Motivated and Focused

The most important thing is to be focused. It is not very uncommon for someone to feel depressed once they are in a wheelchair; however you need to remember that being in such a position is not the end of the world. Once you stop feeling sorry for yourself, you will get the zing to move ahead and achieve your goals.

2. Take Care of Your Diet and Schedule

Diet is important. Try to consume a healthy diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. Consume more of proteins and less of carbohydrates and fats. Fish and red meat is a good choice. You should stay away from oily products and have a proper schedule for your meals. Having a proper schedule is important, so make sure to sleep on time, wake up on time and eat on time.

Food you eat effects you in several ways. It is the main reason behind weight gain as well. When you’re in a wheelchair, you’re more prone to gain weight due to limited activity. This is why you should stay away from fatty foods including rice, bakery products and fast food items.

3. Some Activity is Possible

Sitting completely idle is not a solution, you must make sure you do some activity to stay healthy. Working out with dumbbells is a good option. Going out and enjoying fresh air while mingling with people can be helpful as well. You may even play wheelchair sports, such as badminton. The key is in doing a physical activity, which can be anything from sitting exercises to wheelchair workouts.

Some exercises include:
● Chest stretches
● Upper-body twists
● Neck stretches
● Neck rotations, etc.

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