What’s the best way to pull your pants up in a wheelchair?

October 12, 2015 | 11:56 am | By Pants Up Easy

When you first started using a wheelchair full time, I’m sure plenty of concerns ran through your head. Things like, “how am I going to use the restroom?” or “how am I going to drive a car?” And as you practice and learn to adjust to life in the chair, you start to realize those tasks aren’t that difficult. If you add some support bars to your restroom and purchase a lower-sitting toilet, you can use the bathroom with ease. And cars can be adjusted to be controlled with hands only.

However, I bet I know one challenge you didn’t expect: pulling your pants up.

A challenge that presented a unique opportunity

I find that many folks are surprised at how difficult this simple task is, including our own founder. It was actually while spending time with a wheelchair-user friend (Paul) that Douglas Pearson began to wonder why bathroom visits took so long. When he finally asked Paul, he sheepishly admitted that pulling his pants up was quite difficult and time consuming. And that unique challenge is what led to the creation of Pants Up Easy.

A design so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it

In essence, the challenge of pulling your pants up has to do with support. Thanks to the use of our legs, most folks can use them to support their bodies while they pull their pants up. But for paraplegics who are in a wheelchair, they can’t depend on their legs. They have to rely on arms only to pull up their trousers, and that’s a tall order when your legs are immobile. It would be really helpful if someone could hold you up while you pulled up your pants, but most of us don’t want to bring a friend to the toilet. So what’s the solution? A spare pair of arms!

Pants Up Easy is best described that way: as a spare set of arms. The “arms” on Pants Up Easy are cushioned and are meant to provide support underneath the armpits. That way, a wheelchair user can throw their arms over the Pants Up Easy device and use it for support as they pull up their pants. I told you it was simple.

No matter the need, we’ve got the product for it

Whether you simply need help in the restroom or want assistance on the go, we’ve got a product that can meet your needs. But you don’t have to take my word for it – take a moment to peruse our product page and see what you think. Pants Up Easy is stunningly simple but incredibly effective, and we believe that as the name says, it will make your life much easier.

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