What makes the Perfect Gift for Someone in a Wheelchair?

December 18, 2016 | 8:00 pm | By Pants Up Easy

The Perfect Gift for Someone In Wheelchair

Do you happen to be looking for some gifts for someone that is in a wheelchair? Picking a good gift out can be difficult if you do not know what is genuinely useful for someone with a disability. In this article, we will be going over the perfect gift for someone in wheelchair.

Perfect Gift For Someone In Wheelchair:

1. Tire Covers.

If you are looking for one of the best gifts for someone that is in a wheelchair, you might want to look at tire covers. A pair of wheelchair tire covers can really be a useful gift because they can help to keep the house nice and clean when the wheelchair is brought in from using it outside. Because the wheels are generally exposed to the dirty floors and elements outside, it is always best practice to cover them up. By investing in wheel chair covers, you should be able to solve the problem that can occur from not doing so. Thus, it makes for an excellent gift because it is genuinely useful.

2. Gloves.

Another good gift idea that you could get someone that has to travel in a wheelchair is a pair of gloves that they can use to effectively protect their hands while using the wheelchair. Because using a wheelchair without a motor requires the use of hands in order to get moving, anyone that rides in a wheelchair is going to need to invest in a solid pair of gloves at some point. Not only does it protect the hands from the elements and wear and tear, but it can also keep the users hands clean. Thus, a pair of gloves would be a good consideration to make if you notice that they either don’t have a good pair or if their pair looks like it may need to be replaced.

3. Spoke Covers.

If you know a young child that is in a wheelchair, you might consider getting them fun and exciting spoke covers that can help to keep their fingers from getting caught in the spokes of the wheels. Not only do they help protect the fingers, but they can also help to add a good amount of personality to the wheelchair which a young child might really enjoy.

Overall, there are plenty of unique and useful gifts that you can get for someone that is in a wheelchair. Consider the options above for some of the most affordable and most useful gift ideas.

4. Pants Up Easy

Last, but certainly not least a Pants Up Easy model makes the perfect gift for someone in a wheelchair because it gives the gift of independence. While it may be hard to undertstand if you have two fully-functional legs know that things that may be or seem simple or easy to you, may in-fact be quite difficult for someone in a wheelchair. Pulling your pants up, or putting them on, going to the bathroom, relieving pressure off your back, and so much more. Pants Up Easy is truly a gift that will bring joy not just this season, but all the seasons to come.

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