What Kind of Training Do Caregivers and Occupational Therapists Go Through?

August 17, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

We throw the word hero around a little cavalierly these days, using it to describe sports figures and politicians – who probably don’t really deserve it. Is it heroic to win a Super Bowl or an election? Questionable.

But caregivers and occupational therapists – now those are some folks who are often heroes. They work with the disabled, the injured and the sick, and are often found with a smile and a ton of patience. And yet, we don’t have a Caregiver’s Day on the calendar.

So what makes these selfless individuals so valuable? Aside from their willingness to help, they also go through extensive training. Let’s discuss it a little more below:

  • Caregivers

Caregivers could have a wide variety of training, but if they are employed by a medical group of some kind, then you can be sure they’ve been vetted.

Although the title of “caregiver” doesn’t require a certain level of training, most caregivers are working medical professionals. So it’s not uncommon for your caregiver to be a nurse or nurse’s assistant. However, even if they aren’t, caregivers are often assigned to assisted living facilities or rest homes, which means they’re intimately familiar with serving patients.

  • Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists provide a slightly different service than caregivers. While caregivers want to ensure your every need is met, occupational therapists are there to help you keep your life on track and increase your independence. Basically, wherever your life can be made easier, the therapists will advise or make changes.

Since they have a different set of responsibilities, occupational therapists also have a different sort of training. Most have received an advanced degree of some kind, which gives them significant medical expertise. Moreover, they’re used to working with patients who have specific needs, so they’ll be ready for whatever challenge you can throw at them.


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