What kind of lifestyle adjustments can make wheelchair living easier?

October 21, 2015 | 2:08 pm | By Pants Up Easy

So you’ve finally gotten accustomed to life in a wheelchair and you’re starting to get the hang of certain things. For instance, perhaps you’ve finally figured out the best way to transfer to a car. And considering how challenging that task can be, that would be a major help.

But now that you’re no longer a rookie, it’s time to help you become a savvy veteran. That’s a term we usually hear in sports, and it describes those older players who have learned the ropes and developed some tips and tricks to make life easier. And when you’re in a wheelchair, won’t you take every opportunity to make your life a little simpler?

If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some lifestyle adjustments you should consider:

Don’t overthink the wardrobe

Everyone likes to get dressed up occasionally, but sometimes you have to wonder how comfortable you are going to be if you are sitting all day. Do you really think it’s worth it to spend so much time on your wardrobe if you are going to be uncomfortable?

Of course, it’s all a matter of personal preference, but if you prefer comfort to beauty, consider ditching the khakis and jeans for simpler articles. Wearing t-shirts or short sleeve shirts will keep your arms free from getting caught on the wheelchair, and think about pants with elastic bands (like sweats or basketball shorts). By now, you should realize what a pain simply pulling your pants up can be.

Develop some frequent “haunts”

Haunt is kind of an old-timey word that means hang-out spot, and you should consider frequenting some spots that you know offer good accessibility. By law, any business has to make reasonable accommodations for you, but why make life harder than it needs to be? If it’s a mundane Tuesday and you need some lunch, don’t choose this moment for a new restaurant. Go to a reliable lunch place you like, and that you know will be easy to for you to access. Again, you don’t have to do this, but it will make life a bit easier.

Join a wheelchair activity or sports group

I know what you’re thinking: how is being more active going to make my life easier? Well, in a couple of ways. For starters, hanging out with other wheelchair-bound folks can help you make some friends who understand your lifestyle; and don’t we all want our friends to understand us? Not only that, being more active in the wheelchair will help you get better at controlling the chair, and probably improve your mobility. I little extra mobility would definitely be useful.

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