What are the Top 5 Wheelchairs for Athletes?

July 15, 2015 | 10:16 am | By Pants Up Easy

Just because you are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you have to give up what you love. If you are a sports fanatic, there are ways to stay active while living your life in a wheelchair. Many companies have decided to focus on designing wheelchairs with the needs of athletes in mind. Below you will find a list of the top five wheelchairs for athletes.

  1. Invacare® Top End Pro-2 All Sport Wheelchair

This chair will allow you to play basketball, tennis, softball, table tennis, badmitton, floor hockey or any other sport played on a court. The Invacare Top End Pro-2 is available in three seat widths with quick and easy adjustments. The chair includes 25” high performance sport wheels, high-pressure tires, side guards, rear frame protector, single swivel anti-tip bar, and a positioning strap.

  1. Invacare® Top End Crossfire All Terrain Wheelchair

This chair will allow you to do basically anything you decide you want to do. From fishing, to hiking, to camping, to kayaking, and beyond, the Invacare Top End Crossfire All Terrain can make it happen. The chair is built with 25” x 2.75” knobby wheels and 8” x 2” front casters for extreme traction, and engineered with mega ground clearance as well as forward and side-to-side stability in order to keep you steady, no matter where you choose to venture to.

  1. Magic Mobility Extreme 4×4

This chair is an all terrain power electric wheelchair with four motors and passive steering. It will allow you to venture out off of the pavement into gravel, rocks, sand, and so on, all while providing a very comfortable ride. While it may not have the speed of other chairs, it will enable you to take on nearly any terrain that crosses your path.

  1. Colours Zephyr Sport

The Zephyr Sport is the first chair with a 3/4 inch completely welded frame. It is among the lightest and strongest sports chairs available. This chair will improve your mobility on the court while helping you amplify your game, whether it be basketball or tennis that you prefer. Available in a large variety of frame colors, the chair can be customized to fit your personal preferences.

  1. Colours Hammer

The Hammer has large aluminum tubing diameter and a wide head front-end design, making it the ultimate contact sports wheelchair. This chair can be custom designed to fit your every need. It is a unique high performance wheelchair that has been proven to be the best in the world. Designed for contact sports, it is equipped for rugby, hockey, football or softball.

No matter your sport of preference, there is a chair out there to suit your needs. Staying active is an essential part of living your best life, and these sports wheelchairs will allow you to do just that.

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