What Are Some Bathroom Safety Products Paraplegics Should Invest In?

October 19, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

Your safety is the highest priority in any situation where you are moving in and out of your wheelchair. A minor fall can turn into a major problem if you cannot get yourself up or call someone nearby for help. The bathroom is a place where falls can easily happen because of the presence of water and the fact that you are moving in and out of your wheelchair. You can reduce the risk of falls and other injuries by having the right types of safety equipment in your bathroom. Below is a list of safety equipment that every paraplegic should consider investing in.

1. High quality shower chair

A high quality shower chair is an important piece of bathroom safety equipment for paraplegics. You need a shower chair that is sturdy so you can transfer in and out of it safely. A high number of in-home falls and accidents happen in the bathroom largely because of the presence of water. A sturdy shower chair should be able to remain still even when there is water present in the tub or shower. In addition, you want one that will stand up to repeated use because you will use it several times per week. It may be tempting to simply go with the cheapest option but do not make a hasty decision. Research your options and get advice from others who have experience with this type of equipment. Your safety and comfort are worth the extra time you will spend to make sure you choose the best shower chair for your situation.

2. Grab bars

Strategically placed grab bars can go a long way toward making your bathroom a safer place. The exact placement of the bars will depend on the setup in your bathroom. It is common to have a grab bar placed in or near the shower to help with repositioning during the shower or transfer from shower to wheelchair. Your occupational therapist should be able to suggest a grab bar placement that will work for your bathroom setup and your need for assistance.

3. Pants Up Easy

Pants Up Easy is a bathroom product that can help you safely and independently pull up your pants while getting dressed or after using the restroom. It allows you to use your upper body to lift yourself while keeping your hands free. With your hands free you can pull up your pants without risking a fall from trying to maneuver them on without assistance. There are three options for Pants Up Easy in your bathroom. You can have it mounted to the wall above the toilet for constant access. You can choose to use the freestanding toilet model or the freestanding wheelchair model-neither of which require installation. These multiple options allow you to choose a version that fits with the space and setup in your bathroom.

4. Transfer board

A transfer board is a product that can help you safely move from your wheelchair to other surfaces such as a shower chair or toilet. This is an important safety product to have in the bathroom to help prevent falls when transferring to and from your wheelchair. There are a variety of transfer board options available in different sizes and materials. You may want to have a transfer board specifically for use in the bathroom so it is always nearby when you want to shower or use the restroom. Proper safety equipment for your bathroom is worth the investment because it will reduce the chance of further injury due to a fall or slip. In addition, the safety equipment will allow you to have more independence and privacy in the bathroom because you will not require as much assistance from others.

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