What are Anti-Tippers?

February 17, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

America is a land of great opportunity, where any hard-working person with a smart idea and a strong work ethic can make it happen for themselves. Our free market means that if your product or offering is worthwhile, it has a chance to succeed. But it also means that there will be plenty of products that don’t quite fit the bill. There will be a hefty amount of silly or exploitive products in any market that simply aren’t worth your money.

Fortunately, anti-tippers don’t meet that definition. These are one of the best products available to the modern wheelchair user, especially if you haven’t been in that wheelchair for long.

The name says it all

Anti-tippers is a more familiar term for anti-tip bars, which do exactly what the name suggests – they prevent the wheelchair from falling (tipping) over. Anti-tippers extend from the front or rear of the chair (depending on the type you purchase), and essentially act as a safeguard. If you lean too far in the direction of your tippers, they’ll prevent you from toppling over.

So why is that better for new users?

Balance and stability are key for all wheelchair users. Without them, you put yourself at risk of a fall, and that could be disastrous for those with paralysis or other loss of function. And since newer users will need some time to develop that balance and get the hang of navigating the world with the wheelchair, they benefit the most from anti-tippers.

Are there other accessories I should look into?

Absolutely. We highly recommend purchasing a nice cushion for your seat – trust us, comfort will be important over the long haul. Many folks like to purchase an inflatable cushion, in order to allow different levels of firmness/elevation. You should also consider a backpack or bag for the back of your wheelchair, in order to carry necessities with you at all times.

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