Top Gifts for Individuals in Wheelchairs

December 17, 2016 | 12:30 am | By Pants Up Easy

These are the Top Gifts For Individuals In Wheelchairs

With the Holiday season upon us, and Christmas right around the corner, you may be wracking you brains trying to think what some of the top gifts for individuals in wheelchairs are. Whether it is just an acquaintance or your significant other is disabled – you might be surprised to discover what are considered to be some of the top gifts for individuals in wheelchairs. That is why we decided to make things easy on you and provide you with the following list: 

Top Gifts for Individuals in Wheelchairs
(in no particular order)



1. FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

There is a quick connect on the FreeWheel that attaches instantly to the footplate of the wheelchair and lifts up the front caster to instead offer a 12-inch pneumatic bicycle wheel. It can easily cruise over rough urban surfaces, snow, sand, grass and gravel. Although it costs approximately $600, it could be the finest thing that your favorite active wheeler could wish for.

2. Boots

Although not commonly known, individuals in wheelchairs tend to suffer from parpalegia. It affects not just the muscual system, but the nervous system as well, meaning that an individual who is disabled in this particular way is more likely to experience leg and feet swelling and get cold much easier than people who use their legs and feet for walking in active or passive ways. Because of these issues, you may want to consider buying your significant other or friend some warm sheepskin boots. For many years one of the most popular brands has been UGG because they produce high quality boots.

3. Gloves

As you might expect, using your hands to wheel around all day can affect your skin in a number of different ways, and also result in having to constantly wipe the debris off of them. Different seasons also call for various types of gloves. If you are feeling extra generous this holiday season, you might want to give your favorite wheeler both a winter pair and summer pair of gloves. Either way, you can find exactly what you are looking for at Amazon.

4. Lap Tray

This is a straight-froward enough gift idea, and on Amazon the price range is around $10 to $60. A lap tray can definitely work out great for foodies or movie buffs.

5.Pants Up Easy

Last, but definitely not least – a Pants Up Easy Model is definitely one of thetop gifts for individuals in wheelchairs. Pants Up Easy eliminates the hard work of having to pull up your pants for disabled people in wheelchairs. When you happen to have two fully-functioning legs, it can be very easy to take things for granted, including basic things such as pulling up your pants, getting dressed and other activities that can be hard for somebody to do who is confined to a wheelchair. Pants Up Easy is the ideal gift for an individual a wheelchair since it helps them to regain some of their independence by allowing them to be able to do more things on their own, instead of needing help from a family member, friend, caregiver or occupational therapist. You don’t have to solely rely on what we have to say, check out our website and discover what others are saving about Pants Up Easy.

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