Three Healthcare Products Disabled Veterans Can Benefit From

September 19, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

As a disabled veteran, let me first say, thank you for your service! Here at Pants Up Easy, we really value our veterans. And why wouldn’t we? It’s an unfortunate truth that many veterans come back from their service with new wounds or disabilities. In fact, in the United States, there are millions of disabled veterans. That’s a lot of folks we might be able to help! And we think our signature product is quite helpful to folks in wheelchairs.

But I didn’t write this article to toot our own horn; we do enough of that around here. Instead, I want to talk about some other products that might benefit disabled veterans.

Here are three healthcare products to consider:

1. Grab Bars

Here on our blog, we offer plenty of tips about stability and centering yourself when transferring. But this simple product – a grab bar – could make your life much easier; especially in the restroom! All it takes is a handful of screws and an electric screwdriver or drill to install a grab bar, and it will provide much needed stability going forward. Alternatively, there are nonprofit organizations that specialize in this kind of installation help.

2. Bedside commode

We’re not talking about a bedpan; this is more like a moveable throne. A cost-effective throne, but hey, it’s still an actual chair-like apparatus. Which means you can actually move yourself off the bed to sit on the commode, instead of having to relieve yourself on the same surface you sleep or rest on. Should make for easier cleanup, too!

3. A nice transfer board

On this very blog, we have referred to standard transfer boards as looking like “clipboards.” And in most cases, that can pass for a transfer board. But why not invest a little money in something nicer? Transfer boards are made from virtually every material now, with different sizes and strengths available. Take the time to do a little research online and shop for a transfer board you’ll be more comfortable with. After all, you’re the one who has to use it; shouldn’t it be a transfer board you like?

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