Three Benefits Occupational Therapists Get from Pants Up Easy

October 5, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

Occupational therapy is a job path that is both demanding and rewarding. There are a variety of physical demands that come with helping people who have some type of injury or impairment. In addition, there are the emotional demands of working with people who are trying to adjust to a new and more difficult way of life. The reward comes in helping people discover that they can learn new ways of doing things that will restore some of the independence the injury took. Therapists can also learn new ways of doing things by using tools in their work that help their patients and provide personal benefits, such as Pants Up Easy. There are three major ways that you as a therapist can benefit from Pants Up Easy.

  1. Protect yourself

As previously mentioned, the job of an occupational therapist can be very physically demanding. You likely see a wide variety of patients who need differing levels of physical assistance. It is not uncommon for an occupational therapist to lift on patients multiple times per day. This constant lifting and moving of patients can easily result in you sustaining an injury. Pants Up Easy is a device that benefits occupational therapists by reducing the amount of times you have to lift on patients. Less lifting will hopefully lead to a smaller likelihood of a lifting related injury. Pants Up Easy allows many patients to get dressed and pull up their pants after using the restroom without assistance.

Fatigue is another side effect of a physically demanding job like occupational therapy. Over exerting yourself physically could lead to a higher likelihood of injury due to improper lifting techniques or simply exhaustion. Some form of lifting and physical assistance will always be a part of your job, but Pants Up Easy can alleviate some of the lifting burden that comes with occupational therapy.

  1. Help your patients

Another major benefit occupational therapists get from Pants Up Easy is that it can help patients. It is common for patients to struggle with the loss of independence after an injury or illness. Your main job as an OT is to help them learn to navigate the tasks of daily living around their injury or impairment. Pants Up Easy can help your patients by restoring some of that lost independence. Pant Up Easy makes it possible for people with certain types of spinal cord injuries to get dressed independently and safely pull up their own pants after using the restroom. A residual result of the increased independence is a boost in morale and confidence. Pants Up Easy can help patients have a victory in therapy, which can lead to a higher willingness to try new things throughout the process.

  1. Cash assist program

Beyond the physical benefits related to using Pants Up Easy, there is also a monetary benefit for therapists. Occupational therapists that recommend Pants Up Easy to their patients can receive monetary compensation when patients buy the product for their home. People who pursue occupational therapy as a career are choosing to spend their time improving the lives of others. It is a career that provides a high level of intrinsic value, but the people at Pants Up Easy are happy to provide you with some monetary compensation to go along with the emotional rewards of the job!  

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