The Perfect Gift for Someone in a Wheelchair

December 17, 2016 | 12:00 pm | By Pants Up Easy

The Perfect Gift for Someone in a Wheelchair

Have you scoured the internet looking for that ‘special something’ for ‘special someone’ in your life? Does the person you’re shopping for happen to be in a wheelchair or are they disabled. Pants Up Easy may change your life, and theirs

Pants Up Easy was created out of goodwill by Douglas Pearson. His friend Paul Degroot was in a wheelchair and felt like it took forever to do a simple task (such as going to the bathroom), which he desired to do more quickly and easily.

The idea came about one day when both of them were watching sports on TV. Paul excused himself so that he could go to the bathroom. Paul returned 20-minutes later. Douglas finally worked up the nerve to ask Paul what took him so long. Paul replied sincerely, that: He’s had a hard time pulling up his pants. That was the moment when the idea for Pants Up Easy was found.

Since that time, Douglas and Paul found that this product has been tremendously helpful, not just to Paul, but also to the lives of other people with:

Loss Of Mobility
Individuals Who Have Spinal Cord Injuries
Individuals Who Have Lost The Use Of Their Legs
Firemen Who Are Injured In The Line Of Duty
Police Who Are Injured In The Line Of Duty
Wounded Veterans
Elderly People With Limited Mobility Issues
Debilitating Disease With MLS

We can provide the gift of independence for people in a wheelchair or who are disabled. In reality, there’s nothing like having the feeling of doing something on your own. This feeling of independence applies to those who are in wheelchairs or disabled. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for ‘someone special’ in your life, and they’re in a wheelchair. Look no further than Pants Up Easy. This is all you need.

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