Some of the Top Gifts for Wheelchair Users

December 31, 2016 | 7:36 am | By Pants Up Easy

What Are Some Top Gifts For Wheelchair Users?

                                                                                         Shopping for a friend or a loved one who uses a wheelchair can sometimes feel a bit difficult or awkward for someone who hasn’t gone through that experience before. Is that poster inspirational or just condescending? Is going practical helpful, or just a disappointment because of the lack of a “Wow” factor? How do you exactly go about figuring outwhat gifts are the top gifts for wheelchair users and which ones are not? Fortunately there are some easy rules of thumb to go by to help you figure this out. If you go with practical use gifts that show you know the person (don’t get “adventure gifts” for people who aren’t adventurous, for example) then you will be in good shape.

Excellent Gloves
Excellent gloves that provide warmth grip, and still give full finger mobility are an outstanding gift. This is especially true for individuals who live in colder climates and still need to get around in winter, but run into problems with bulky or insufficiently warm gloves. This is why these may seem simple, but they are frequently among the top gifts for wheelchair users. Useful, helpful, and if they’re stylish to boot, all the better!

Seat Cushions
An excellent seat cushion can make a big difference for many individuals, but make sure you’re aware of the injury or issue causing wheel chair use or this is one of those gifts that might be seen as good intentioned but not very useful. If the person can’t feel that area, then the cushions won’t do as much good.

Heat Pads For Back & Shoulder
Stress builds up in all of us, and for those people who need to go around in wheelchairs throughout the day, that heavy use of back, shoulder, and arm muscles can create massive amounts of soreness. But they can’t stop using them – it’s part of getting around. High quality heat pads to help loosen up muscles and relax at the end of the day then become excellent gifts that even show that bit of understanding.

What’s Their Hobby?
Hobbies are still hobbies. If the person is a movie fanatic, look for really good movies. If they love table crafts or puzzles, then pick up one of those. Not all gifts have to be conventional useful. Getting one that shows you know them, their interests, and their tastes is always a safe and great way to go.

Pants Up Easy

Needless to say, we believe that Pants Up Easy makes a great gift for any ocassion or holiday. This is because it gives the gift of independence. The ability for someone who is impaired by their mobility to do the simple things they used to be able to do (without assitance) like pull up their pants, relieve back pressure and so much more. Start a chat with us to find out how we can help you figure out how Pants Up Easy could be a perfect gift for someone you know.

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