Putting Clothes on People With Paralysis

November 4, 2016 | 7:40 pm | By Pants Up Easy

Putting Clothes on People With Paralysis

If you’re a caregiver or an in-home care professional than it goes without saying that you understand the struggle of putting clothes on people with paralysis. While it’s true that your patients may never quite understand the difficulty involved, and the ridiculous amount of time it takes to do such a simple task (either with you helping them or them doing it on their own). It can be estimated that nearly 20-minutes is taken to do such a simple task because of the lack of resources or innovation to change the existing process of having to say: Go from the toilet to a chair, back on to the bed and then back on to the chair again once a pair of pants has been put on.

This common occurence and real-life problem made the cause for which Pants Up Easy was founded upon. When Douglas Pearson and his long time good friend Paul Degroot (who is disabled) who go to a public venue, or even enjoy eachothers companies at one anothers home Douglas with observe how long it takes for Paul to come back from the restroom. One day Douglas felt the inclination to ask, “What’s taking you so long?”.

When Paul explained how difficult it was to simply put his pants on Douglas (with his entrepreneurial and innovative mindset) thought that there has to be something he can put together for his friend to make his life easier. That’s when the first prototype of Pants Up Easy was used not just as a way for helping putting clothes on people with paralysis, but as a way to radically change how everyone who may have some form of disability puts pants on themselves and saves them a tremendous amount of time, and frustration in the process. While certainly still in our early days here at Pants Up Easy, we’re certain that for every person we’re able to help with our products we’ll be helping one more person regain their sense of independence when it comes to doing something most of us take for granted. Having experienced the difficulties mentioned above as a former caregiver I can attest that IF WE HAD a Pants Up Easy model for our use with our patient, it would have made the world of a difference for executing this again, simple task of putting on a pair of pants.

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