Moving Homes as a Paraplegic: Three Tips To Get You Through This Process

September 12, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

This company was founded on a simple premise: life should be easier for folks in wheelchairs. You’ve got enough challenges to deal with, and with all of this technology in the world today, we should do better. Our products are one small step in that process, but there’s always more to do.

One of life’s unique challenges (moving) is rarely easy for paraplegic folks. Just moving yourself around can be difficult somedays, and now we’ve got to move boxes and furniture, too?

We’ll help you get through this with these three tips:

1. Always discuss your unique challenges with movers

If you’ll be hiring movers, or even if a group of friends or volunteers will be helping, it’s important to be upfront with them. Tell them the unique challenges you face, and how your move might be different from the moves they’re used to. Doing this will avoid awkward surprises later, and chances are it will be no big deal. But it’s always better to be proactive.

2. Don’t feel the need to get overly involved

You’re a person who’s probably used to being self-sufficient whenever you can be, so naturally you’d like to help. That’s a great sentiment, but you should probably stay on the outskirts of the process. People are moving heavy stuff around, and a clear pathway is beneficial. You are free to help whenever you can, but be careful not to get in anyone’s way. A person moving a couch probably won’t be very aware of their surroundings; they’re preoccupied!

3. Be mindful of accessibility

Now is the time to ensure your home is as accessible as you can make it for yourself. Sure, friends or movers can help you get settled in, but you have to live here. If you suddenly discover the back entrance is hard for you to manage, try to get it fixed now. Even if the problem can’t be fixed immediately, get the ball rolling on whatever needs to be done in order to rectify it.


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