Looking for the Perfect Gift for Someone in a Wheelchair

December 31, 2016 | 9:35 pm | By Pants Up Easy

Looking For The Perfect Gift For-Someone In Wheelchair?


As the holiday season wears on, many of us are still looking for gifts, whatever that may entail for the people we love. However, many people the world over find that their loved ones can have certain disabilities that must force us to reconsider what to get them for the holiday season. Those who are disabled and can only move around in wheelchair have certain handicaps that limit what they can do, making finding the perfect gift for-someone in wheelchair a bit difficult. However, there are many options out there for those who are willing to look for them.

The perfect gift for-someone in wheelchair is ultimately a very individual matter. Each person in a wheelchair has their own likes and dislikes and a wheelchair bound person who has little need to work out that spends a lot of time in the library likely wants something different from another wheelchair bound person who feels a great need to work out and spends a lot of time in the gym. Knowing what your disabled friend or family member is fond of is very important to finding them the perfect gift for any event, whether it’s a birthday or holiday gift.

However, no gift for a wheelchair bound person should rely on the assumption that the person using the gift can walk. For younger people who can not walk, toys that do not require the use of the legs are a good gift idea. Roller blades are a terrible idea, while a construction kit works as well as it does for any child. The usual array of adult gifts are also perfectly good for people who can’t walk, again without assuming the people receiving it can walk. For those who do not wish to neglect their bodies, some free weights for home use may be a good gift, while nearly anybody can appreciate a new MP3 player if theirs has been bricked.

For those are old enough and willing to drink alcohol, fine spirits, purchased or homemade, make as good a gift as they would for someone who can walk and certainly make for a wild holiday party. Games that don’t require the use of the legs are also great gift ideas for those who like to indulge in such things. The key is ultimately to know your wheelchair bound loved one and get them something that speaks to their personal needs and preferences.

 Of course we believe that any gift should be a gift from the heart. With that being said, Pants Up Easy really does make the perfect gift for those in wheelchairs because it gives the gift of independence. IMAGINE: not being able to do the simple thing you’re currently able to do as a result of being impaired by your mobility. Simple things like: putting your pants on, getting dressed, relieving back pressure, and so much more. We encourage you to learn more about Pants Up Easy to see why it makes the perfect gift for wheelchair users for any ocassion.

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