I’m paralyzed – are there any tips to help pull up my pants?

October 14, 2015 | 12:27 pm | By Pants Up Easy

If you’ve arrived at this blog article, then I must assume you’re pretty new at being in a wheelchair. That’s OK! You’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, this entire company was created because of one simple fact: it’s really hard to pull your pants up without the use of your legs.

We’ve come up with an incredible and incredibly simple product to help you pull your pants up with ease, but we can discuss that more in a moment. You came here in search of solutions to this situation, and we want to help.

Wardrobe should always be a consideration

I’m all about making my life easier, and sometimes that means prioritizing comfort instead of style. I don’t know how you typically dress, but you should evaluate it and consider if it’s making your life easier or harder. For instance, wearing basketball shorts, sweatpants or other bottoms with an elastic waistband will help you out.

Always use the disabled stall

You probably do this naturally (and you should), but when you’re in a rush to use the restroom, you might just opt for whatever’s available. Our recommendation? Don’t. Pulling up your pants is much easier with a little leverage, and the disabled stall will always have handrails available. Being able to prop yourself up with those rails will give you a free hand to pull up your pants.

Listen to Jason Derulo and “wiggle wiggle wiggle”

For the uninitiated, that’s a reference to a recent pop song, but the advice stands: you really need to wriggle, wiggle, writhe and squirm to get your pants up. You should pull up on your pants while moving your hips and bottom from side to side and back and forth, so that the material will slowly make its way up your legs and backside. It can be a slow process, but it will work.

Check out our product, Pants Up Easy

OK, so now that I’ve given you legitimate advice, allow me to prop up our own product a bit. We think it’s a brilliant, life-altering type of product, but we’ll let you decide.

It’s so simple, you’ll wish you’d thought of it. Pants Up Easy is basically like a spare set of arms: two metal arms (with cushioning), which hang over the toilet. You can throw your own arms over these supports to hold yourself up, then pull your pants up with relative ease. And if you want this kind of help while on the go, we even have a transportable version.

If you’re tired of struggling with this mundane, everyday task, then stop struggling! Contact us today to find out what else Pants Up Easy can do for you.

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