How to Determine if Pants Up Easy is a Good Fit For You

October 28, 2015 | 5:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

I’m just going to come right out and say it: if you’re in a wheelchair, then Pants Up Easy is a good fit for you. No need to keep reading, I’ve sufficiently answered the question. Go ahead and start your purchase, this product is clearly for you!

Still not convinced? What, my three-sentence sales pitch didn’t do the job? Fine, I guess I can provide a little more information. You’re so skeptical…

I wasn’t kidding about my opening line, though. This product was made specifically for wheelchair-bound customers, and we think it’s a marvelous invention for them. But if you want some more reasons Pants Up Easy is right for you, then read on:

It makes you more independent

If I know anything about wheelchair users, it’s that they often hate to ask for help. If they can complete a task on their own, they’ll do it, and Pants Up Easy just adds another task to your repertoire. Now you can get up off the toilet completely alone!

It aids you at your most vulnerable

Let’s talk about getting off the toilet for a second. Does anyone want to do that with some help? I don’t know about you, but I value my privacy when I’m on the throne. It’s my time to think (and browse Instagram on my smartphone like Pablo Sandoval). Thank to Pants Up Easy, that will remain your own private time.

Speaking of time, it’ll save you tons of it

Have you ever tried to pull your pants up alone after using the bathroom? It’s quite an ordeal, and it often requires a bit of squirming and rocking back and forth. Plus, it takes forever! But with Pants Up Easy, you’ll have those trousers pulled up in seconds.

It can be moved virtually anywhere

Pants Up Easy was made specifically for those who need to get up off the toilet, but we recognize how valuable our product can be in other situations – which is why we made a moveable version. This freestanding edition can be moved anywhere, and it has wheels for easy transportation. And in case you’re worried about rolling away, those wheels come with locks, so you’ll stay exactly where you’re supposed to.

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