Gifts for Wheelchair Users

December 29, 2016 | 6:30 pm | By Pants Up Easy

Choosing the right Gifts For Wheelchair Users

Are you looking for a gift for someone who uses a wheelchair? It can be difficult for a person with special needs or a disability. They have unique needs and choosing a gift to make their life easier can be the right choice. The best gifts for wheelchair users are something they can use, either to help the with mobility or to make their time in the wheelchair more convenient.

Some great ideas for gifts include accessories for their wheelchair such as cushions or bags for carrying personal items. Another great gift for someone in a wheelchair is a safety flag. Wheelchairs tend to be low to the ground and if a person is crossing a street, drivers may have difficulty seeing them. A small bell or horn is also helpful if the person in the wheelchair will be moving about in public on their own.

Many wheelchairs are motorized and these chairs provide an additional degree of independence for the user. When a wheelchair user travels about town in their wheelchair, another handy gift is lighting for the wheelchair. There are several types of lighting. Some attaches to the top or upper part of the wheelchair. Another type of lighting consists of lights that can simply be clipped onto the wheelchair. These are placed in conspicuous places so drivers and pedestrians can see the wheelchair at night.

Most wheelchairs come with only the basics. They are usually an expensive purchase, so the user may not be able to afford accessories. Giving a wheelchair user a helpful accessory or two can really improve their quality of life.

Consider giving a wheelchair user a backpack that will attach to the back of their wheelchair and is accessible to the user while they are seated. There are special backpacks and bags that are designed for wheelchairs. These may be used to carry books, glasses, wallets, and other personal items. A lined and locked pack will help keep the wheelchair user’s valuable safe.

Another great gift for a wheelchair user is a drink holder. While some wheelchairs come with a place to set a drink, most do not. If the wheelchair user is especially active it is important they have some way to stay hydrated and a drink holder is a perfect gift for this.

The best gifts for wheelchair users are those that help their quality of life. A bag or pack to carry their personal items or a drink holder are perfect gifts for someone in a wheelchair. Needless to say, above all else Pants Up Easy gives the gift of indepdence to those in wheelchairs and who suffer from mobility impairments. Feel free and start a chat with us below if you’d like to learn more!

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