Four Wheelchair Products You Should Consider Using

November 4, 2015 | 5:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

We live in the land of opportunity, where anyone is free to pursue a career path that makes them happy. For the inventive types, that means trying to create the next big product that will sweep the nation. Who wouldn’t want to be the mastermind behind the next iPod-level gadget?

But for every iPod there are countless Zunes – half-formed ideas that are poorly executed, or not properly visualized.

At Pants Up Easy, we’re all about making your life easier, so we won’t be sharing any Zune-type products with you. Instead, we want to present four wheelchair products that could really improve your quality of life.

A specially selected cushion

Every wheelchair should have a cushion to maximize comfort, but these aren’t your grandad’s cushions: nowadays, there are all types of fancy seats available. There are cushions that utilize pressurized air to provide different levels of firmness, as well as cushions that wick away moisture and keep you cooler. Whatever your special needs or desires are for your seated comfort, there is probably a cushion that can fit the bill.

An accessory holder

I could have just wrote “bag” or “backpack” instead of “accessory holder,” but I didn’t want to omit oxygen tank holders. There are a variety of different attachments you can add to the back of your wheelchair, such as a bag or holder for an oxygen tank. There are also numerous types of backpacks and carrying pouches available, so you can keep your personal items with you wherever you go.

Anti-tipper bars

These helpful little bars prevent your wheelchair from tipping over backwards, and can really help you out in a pinch. However, not all wheelchair users like to have these attached to their chairs. Seasoned wheelchair users probably don’t need the security of the anti-tippers, and would prefer greater mobility instead.

Pants Up Easy

What, you thought we were going to discuss handy wheelchair products and not mention our own? Pants Up Easy is the best thing to happen to your bathroom habits since potty training. Now, instead of struggling to pull your pants back up after using the loo, you’ll be able to get dressed in seconds.

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