Four Tips To Save Time When Using The Bathroom As A Wheelchair User

February 5, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

If you’re in a wheelchair, how much time are you spending in the bathroom? If the answer is “too much,” I totally understand. In fact, that’s the whole reason for this website and our product, Pants Up Easy. Our founder was perplexed by the amount of time a wheelchair-bound friend spent in the restroom. So imagine his surprise when he realized what a challenge merely pulling up your pants can be. Pants Up Easy was created to address this specific problem.

Investing in this great product will definitely make your bathroom trips shorter, but what if you’re in public? Or at a friend’s house? That’s when you should keep these four tips in mind:

Consider wardrobe changes

Elastic waistbands could do wonders for your bathroom routine, so why not opt for more comfortable clothing? Gym shorts, leggings and sweatpants are all comfortable and easier to remove/pull up. Even if you need to dress up, there are plenty of formal pants with elastic waistbands on the market. Certain fabrics will also be easier to pull up, such as soft cotton or fleece. We would not recommend jeans.

Shake, rattle and roll

Basically, you need to squirm and move around a bit when getting your pants back up. Whatever contortions you do could help ease the pants up your legs – just be careful not to slip off yourself.

Lower your pants first

Before transferring to the toilet, lower your bottoms to below the knee. That way, you won’t have to worry about removing the pants after you sit down. Additionally, you should consider removing one pant leg completely. This will allow for more freedom of motion.

Carry around hand sanitizer

Not all sinks will be accessible for you in the chair, not to mention the extra time it takes to wash your hands. If you’re tired of people waiting on you, carry some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer to speed up the process.

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