Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your Comfort Level in a Wheelchair

October 28, 2016 | 6:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

You spend a lot of time in your wheelchair so it is essential that it be comfortable. Discomfort in your wheelchair can cause real problems in your day to day life. If you are uncomfortable in your wheelchair, there are a several things you can do to improve your comfort level.

  • Make sure your wheelchair is a good fit

In order for you to be comfortable in your wheelchair, it must be a good fit. Are there spots on your wheelchair that dig into you or rub against you? Do you have to remain in a specific position to be comfortable? If it has been a long time since you got your wheelchair it is possible that you have changed physically and need a chair that is a better fit.

  • Maintain your wheelchair

Your wheelchair is one of your primary modes of transportation. And, just like a car, you need to have routine maintenance done on your wheelchair. If you are experiencing some type of discomfort in your wheelchair, the solution could be as simple as a little maintenance. For example, if the cushions on your arm rest are worn it can lead to rips or cracks in the material that irritate your arms. A loose footrest can make it difficult to keep your foot in position. Either one of these issues can be addressed through the proper maintenance of your wheelchair. Two added benefits of regular wheelchair maintenance is that it can extend the life of the wheelchair and prevent malfunctions. There are checklists and services available to help you through the process of wheelchair maintenance and repair.

  • Use cushions

There are a variety of cushions that you can add to your wheelchair to increase comfort. There are cushions you can sit on and others that provide back support. If you struggle with core stability, you can get side cushions for you chair that will help with stability. Adding some of these cushions is a relatively inexpensive way to make your wheelchair more comfortable.

  • Get customized cushions

If you really want to increase the comfort level of your wheelchair, consider customized cushions. These will be significantly more expensive than adding a removable cushion or two to your wheelchair. However, the extra expense may be worth it especially if you have multiple pressure points that are causing you pain. Before making the customized cushions, all of your pressure points will be determined. The cushions will then be made with your specific needs and pressure points in mind. This can go a long way toward relieving pain and making your wheelchair more comfortable.

  • Reposition yourself often

Your comfort level in your wheelchair can be impacted by how often you reposition yourself. If you do not regularly reposition yourself then you will become uncomfortable, no matter what type of chair you own. In addition, failing to reposition yourself can lead to sores and irritation on your body. If you have trouble remembering to change positions, set up some type of reminder. For example, you can set up a recurring alarm on your phone to remind you to change positions in regular intervals. Before you go and spend money on a new wheelchair or equipment for your chair, see if regularly changing positions fixes your discomfort.

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