Five Fun Activities You Can Participate In as a Wheelchair User

November 13, 2015 | 5:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

As a wheelchair user, there are certain things in life that you may feel are out of the scope of possibilities for you. This can be discouraging, especially if you are a new wheelchair user. Fortunately, life doesn’t have to be as limited as you may think. There are plenty of ways that you can remain active and have plenty of fun while in your wheelchair. Below you will find five fun activities you can participate in as a wheelchair user.

  1. Travel


Travel is an excellent way to stay active and explore the world around you. No matter if you are simply traveling a few towns over to check out the local sights or across the world to discover something totally outside of your comfort zone, travel is totally possible for wheelchair users. If you will be using public transportation of any sort, it’s important to make arrangements beforehand so that no issues will arise, but most modes of transportation should be wheelchair accessible. A travel partner will also allow you to travel with comfort and ease, knowing that you have someone to help you out along the way.

  1. Sports


There are a number of different wheelchair sports that you can become involved with as a wheelchair user. Wheelchair basketball is incredibly popular, and there are leagues in many cities. Many wheelchair users also enjoy tennis, softball, wheelchair racing, and much more. No matter what sport you have an interest in, or what you may have excelled in before you were in a wheelchair, there is sure to be an athletic activity that you would enjoy participating in. If extreme sports are more your style, there are special chairs and equipment that allow wheelchair users to take on snow skiing, water sports, snowmobiling and beyond.

  1. Fishing


Fishing is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that can get you outdoors surrounded by nature. If your wheelchair is able to handle the terrain, fishing can be an excellent activity to get involved in. If you have an interest in the outdoors, you may enjoy taking up fishing as your newest hobby.

  1. Museums


If arts and culture are of an interest to you, visiting local museums is a fun way to stay active. Nearly any museum you find will be wheelchair accessible and may have special accommodations for wheelchair users. Whether there are several museums in your city to visit, or if you may need to travel a bit to find the nearest one, this is an activity that you can participate in without feeling as if your wheelchair is holding you back one bit.

  1. Music


Music is something that nearly every person alive enjoys. No matter if you simply enjoy being a spectator, or if you prefer to take on the challenge of playing an instrument, getting involved in music may be the perfect fit for you. Attending local concerts and other musical events will get you out and about, mingling with other music lovers. And whether you’ve played an instrument in the past or have just developed an interest, playing music can be incredibly therapeutic.

As you can see, being a wheelchair user doesn’t have to limit the amount of fun you can have. There are plenty of ways to stay active and enjoy your life, no matter the circumstances. If you’ve been feeling as if your wheelchair is holding you back from life experiences, consider one of the suggested activities above and get out there and enjoy

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