Do Spinal Cord Injuries Always Result In Being Paralyzed?

January 25, 2016 | 5:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

 For all the hype that the brain gets, it’s really not all that easy to damage. I mean, unless you’re a football or hockey player, how often do you really suffer blunt force trauma to the head? Oh sure, Adrian Peterson is always at risk of concussions, but you’re not Adrian Peterson. Yes, the brain is vitally important – but that’s why it’s hidden away inside your thick skull (not an insult; the skull is supposed to be thick).

In my mind, the spinal cord is just as important as the brain, and we don’t spend nearly enough time worrying about it. Just think of how many people in the world say they suffer from chronic back pain. If all those same people had chronic migraines, they’d probably be more concerned about it!

So why is the spinal cord so vitally important? Because an injury there can result in paralysis, which will change your entire life.

Is paralysis always the result?

Fortunately, not. It is possible to injure the spinal cord without causing catastrophic damage. However, you must understand how vulnerable the spinal cord can be. There are nerves throughout the spine, and if those nerves become too damaged, that’s how paralysis occurs. Especially if you suffer a spinal cord injury in the lower half of your body.

How can I protect myself?

Just be cautious and always drive carefully. The vast majority of spinal cord injuries happen as a result of car accidents, so always wear your seatbelt and ease up on the lead foot. However, you can also damage your spinal cord as a result of a bad fall, a horse riding accident or even rare medical conditions (such as MS). There is no way to keep yourself 100 percent safe, but if you remain vigilant and keep the importance of a healthy spinal cord in mind, you should be fine.

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