Best Occupational Therapy Lifting Techniques & Tips

October 6, 2016 | 7:00 pm | By Pants Up Easy

Best Occupational Therapy Lifting Techniques & Tips 

If you’re in the field of occupational therapy then there is no question you’re going to need to get the right occupational therapy lifting techniques down-pat. Because, as you may have already been told or researched if you DON’T you’re probably going to cause the people you advise to throw out their back and lift in ways they REALLY shouldn’t be.

Lifting without proper form or technique in the field of caregiving particularly is probably the best way to shorten your career length, so we HIGHLY suggest that you take a look at what we have to share with you over the next few moments regarding: occupational therapy lifting techniques, and occupational therapy lifting tips for others.

As Douglas Pearson, Founder of Pants Up Easy may advise. When you’re lifting throughout your working day, particularly doing bed or toilet transfers it’s CRITICAL that if you DON’T have any type of aid to leverage the weight of your patients you want to make sure you’re using your legs more than your back. Make sure to position yourself appropriately and keep your patient as close to you as possible during the lift/transfer. This will aim to converge You and Your patients center of gravity and take the load off your arms and back and allow you to utilize the strength in your legs to their fullest.

I can attest from personal experience having worked as an in-home caregiver, with the aid of occupational therapists from time-time. Utilizing the proper lifting techniques was critical in maintaing the well being of my body from doing the many different types of lifts involved throughout the day. In my particular case, the person who I was providing care to had MS and was a parapalegic who still had minor use of his hands and arms. Not so much to push himself up (granted, he’s 74 now) but enough to hold onto us caregivers while we performed
the lifts. For someone who weighed about 225lbs, being only a cool 145; I had to learn how to utilize my legs to execute the best non occupational therapy lifting techniques. Yes, non. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all technique that works for every individual because every person has a different body type and should leverage their body type accordingly.

That’s why with Pants Up Easy we want to make lives easier for BOTH those receiving the in-home care as well as those providing it. With any of the Pants Up Easy models you can eliminate some of the VERY difficult tasks of:
– putting pants on
– readjustments
– and much more.

Truth be told, there’s nothing more that we want here at Pants Up Easy than for others to know about these occupational therapy lifting techniques that should be advised and suggested to in-home caregivers and therapists themselves, BUT ALSO for people to realize that our products can drastically improve the quality of life for their patients.

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