Best Gifts for People in Wheelchairs

December 14, 2016 | 12:09 pm | By Pants Up Easy

These are some of the Best Gifts for People in Wheelchairs

(Top 5 Gifts for People in Wheelchairs)

With Holiday season in full swing and Christmas just around the corner you might be thinking hard about what would be considered to be among the best gifts for people in wheelchairs. Whether the significant other in your life is disabled, or maybe even just someone you know – you may be surprised to as what comprises some of the best gifts for people in wheelchairs. We’ve decided to take the guesswork out of things and give you a list of the:

Top 5 Gifts for People in Wheelchairs (in no Specific order)

#1 A Lap Tray
Sure, seems straight-forward enough and with a price range on Amazon of about $10-$60, this would probably be something that would work great for the movie buff / foodie in your life.

#2 Gloves

As one might expect, wheeling around all day with your hands can do a number not only on your skin, but also create the unpleasant situation of constantly having to wipe them of debris. Different seasons call for different kind of glove as well, so if you’re feeling extra giving this holiday season, you could give the wheeler in your life a summer pair and winter pair. Either way, Amazon will have what you’re looking for.

#3 Boots

While not common knowledge, those who are in a wheelchair typically suffer from parpalegia which affects not only the muscual system, but also the nervous system which means that someone who’s disabled in this way is a lot more likely to have their feet / legs swell and become cold a lot easier than those who are actively/passively using their feet and legs for walking. Because of this, you might want to consider getting your friend, or significant other some nice, warm, sheepskin boots. As far as what brand to go with, UGG has been among the most popular brands for many years and definitely produces a quality pair of boots.

#4 FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

The FreeWheel has a quick connect that instantly attaches to a persons wheelchairs footplate and lifts the front casters to instead provide a 12-inch pneumatic bicycle wheel, which easily cruises over gravel, grass, sand, snow and rough urban surfaces. While the price is around $600, it may be the best thing the active wheeler in your life could hope for.

#5 Pants Up Easy

Last, but certainly not least – of the best gifts for people in wheelchairs is a Pants Up Easy Model. Pants Up Easy takes the effort out of having to pull your pants up as a disabled person / person in a wheelchair. While it’s easy to take for granted if you have two fully-functioning legs, even some of the simplest things like pulling your pants up, getting dressed, and more can be difficult for someone who is in a wheelchair. With that being said, Pants Up Easy really is the perfect gift for a person in a wheelchair because it helps them regain their indepdence of being able to do things on their own, as opposed to requiring assitance from a friend/familly member, ocupational therapist or caregiver. But don’t take our word for it, take a look around our website to see what others have to say about Pants Up Easy.

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