Are there strategies to help pull up your pants if you are paralyzed?

August 28, 2015 | 12:19 pm | By Pants Up Easy

If you are paralyzed, there are likely many things that you encounter on a daily basis that are somewhat challenging. One task that is both necessary and incredibly challenging is pulling up your pants. Although the job of pulling up your pants may never be simple, it can be more manageable by following a few simple tips. Below you will find a few strategies that can help you pull up your pants more easily.

One important thing to consider is the clothing that you choose to wear. Tight pants, jeans, and pants constructed of other rough materials can be quite a challenge to deal with. It’s definitely in your best interest to wear clothing that slides up more easily for a more simple dressing experience. Many companies now create clothing with wheelchair users in mind, made out of non-restrictive materials that are comfortable and easy to put on. Consider investing in a wardrobe that has been crafted with your specific needs at the forefront. Another frequently suggested tip in the wheelchair community is to avoid wearing underwear. This is just one more thing to worry about, as it can easily become twisted or bunched in an uncomfortable way as you dress and redress throughout the day after visiting the restroom. If skipping out on underwear is something you are comfortable with, it’s worth considering.

Many also suggest dressing in your chair rather than on the toilet. Your chair will provide a more stable surface where you will likely be able to get better leverage. Not only that, but it is undoubtedly more sanitary than dressing on the toilet. You will almost certainly be more comfortable grabbing onto and moving around the surface of your wheelchair. Before taking on the task, be sure that your wheels are locked in place so that you are safe to move about as needed.

Getting your clothing situated before the move back and forth is also vital. Many people find that it’s best to keep your pants around your knees rather than pulling them all the way down to your ankles. This can be much safer, as you can potentially become twisted and tangled with your pants at your ankles.

If you need a bit more assistance or simply want to make the process as easy as possible, consider investing in Pants Up Easy. This product allows you to pull up your pants in three simple steps. Available in either a wall mount, wall frame, or free standing model, Pants Up Easy can save you ample amounts of time and frustration. After using the restroom or when getting dressed for the day, you simply sit wherever you have the unit installed in your home and begin. You will place your arms out over the arm rests on the unit, reach down to grab your pants as the arm rests fold down, and then pull your pants up. It really is as simple as that.

While pulling your pants up when paralyzed is certainly a challenge, there are ways to make it a more manageable part of your day. By following the tips and tricks above, you should be able to cut down on both the time and the amount of frustration that you deal with in your day when pulling up your pants.

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