Are There Advantages of Having a Power Wheelchair Over Manual?

September 14, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

For the most part, technology has always been about making our lives easier. Something as simple as a remote control saves us from having to manually change the channel a million times. And that allows us to watch a lot more TV! Hey, I said it made life easier, not necessarily better or smarter.

But here at Pants Up Easy, we strive to achieve both: an easier and better life for people in wheelchairs. But what about the wheelchair itself? Is there an advantage to using a power chair over a manual one?

  • In this case: Technology makes life easier

I’d be lying if I said things weren’t easier in a power wheelchair; that’s the whole purpose of it, right? Instead of using literal “manpower,” you just flick a switch forward and off you go. That’s the primary advantage of the power chair. Additionally, you never have to worry about tiring yourself out or struggling to overcome an incline. If pure ease of travel is your goal, then a power wheelchair is a great choice.

  • Cool. So why isn’t the article over?

Because not everything is about ease of travel in a wheelchair; because your whole life isn’t spent in the wheelchair, right? At the very least, you sleep in a bed and maybe work in a different chair.

  • True. Go on…

So if you have a power wheelchair, your life outside of that chair could be more difficult. In a manual wheelchair, you’re using your arms to push yourself all the time. That allows your arms to get stronger, which is a major bonus. You’ll be able to transfer yourself to and from the chair more easily, and have more arm strength overall. Hey, they might even look a little more toned.

  • Are you saying a manual wheelchair is better?

I’m saying it depends on your goals. The easiest way to get around in a wheelchair is via a power chair. But if you’re looking for better quality of life? A manual wheelchair user might have an advantage there. It’s at least something to think about.

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