5 Ways To Beat Fear

February 16, 2017 | 4:56 pm | By Pants Up Easy

Fear is a feeling that is activated by an incoming threat. It is a fundamental survival mechanism that gets triggered when we feel a sense of danger. However, fear work both ways. Sometimes it saves you from perilous situations, and sometimes it causes you more trouble.

The fact that a lot of people fail to achieve the achievable as a result of fear is something to think about.

Some fear disappointment, others fear competition. Fear immobilizes individuals and keeps them from accomplishing what they seek and are prepared to do.

  • Here are 5 ways to beat fear:

  1. Embrace Fear

    Don’t let fear own you. Listen to what your fear is really telling you. It is essential for you to embrace fear rather than turning your back on it. Fear isn’t intended to keep us inactive. Grasp onto fear and let it take you towards your goal. 

    You have to accept the fear and realize it’s a part of what you’re doing, and you need to continue doing it despite threats, unless they’re really serious.

  2. Be Positive

    At whatever point fear strikes, fight it in a positive way. Look at the positive side of the picture. Fear can be an intense positive driving element, but you should know how to influence it.

    It doesn’t make a difference what you’re apprehensive about, starting a business, talking to a customer, socializing at a gathering, you can always utilize fear in a positive way. Understand that the worst that can happen, can happen anyway. Why let it prevent you from attaining something better?

  3. Say No To Junk Food

    The food you eat dramatically affects how you feel. Junk food contains lot of sugars, sweeteners, and different chemical substances that can lower the blood sugars and make us fall sick. We are more prone and vulnerable to fear when we fall sick. So, It will be a wise choice to adapt to an eating routine that is rich in nutrients.

  4. Take Action and Have a Plan B

    Fear stops you from taking decisions and moving forward. Never rush to conclusions. Be purposeful. Continue to move ahead with your plan, but make sure your plan is effective.

    Always have a Plan B, and in case the first plan doesn’t work, switch to plan B. Once you have something to fall back on, you will be less prone to fear.

  5. Turn Fear Into Excitement

    To your body and nervous system, fear and excitement are practically indistinct. So try to perceive fear into excitement. A lot of successful individuals across the globe don’t feel fear under the hardest of situations, they simply don’t take fear as a stop sign. They embrace it and continue to move forward using fear as a motivator.

Final Verdict

Do not let fear prevent you from what you can achieve. Use it as a tool to motivate yourself and you’ll be on your way to success.


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