5 Reasons Pants Up Easy Was Invented

August 12, 2015 | 11:07 am | By Pants Up Easy

As a visitor to this site, you may be both surprised and fascinated by our product, Pants Up Easy. It’s an incredibly simple concept, and yet you’d be amazed how helpful it has been for users. It was created specifically for wheelchair-bound consumers, after our founder recognized how much trouble they have pulling their pants up after visiting the toilet. But that’s not the only reason; here are four more motivations behind this revolutionary invention:

To satisfy your desire to be more independent

If I know one thing about most wheelchair users, it’s that they’re very independent. They want to complete any task they’re capable of, instead of just waiting around for others to help. With Pants Up Easy, you can be sure you’ll be independent during a very vulnerable moment – sitting on the toilet!

To save you time

This might be the biggest reason for our invention: saving time. Without Pants Up Easy, you could spend minutes at a time squirming and struggling to pull your pants back up. If you have guests over or have other pressing needs, you’ll want to be in and out of the bathroom quickly. That can be impossible on your own, but quite doable with Pants Up Easy.

To make you happier

Adjusting to life in a wheelchair takes some time, and initially, you might be shocked to discover how difficult certain tasks have become. Simple processes that you used to handle absentmindedly now require considerable effort.

Pants Up Easy can’t fix them all, but we can make one part of your life much easier. You’ll be able to leave the restroom quickly and without much fuss once again. Doesn’t that sound like a relief?

To give you greater freedom

Pants Up Easy was meant to help out in the lavatory, but why should this handy tool be limited to one room? We created a freestanding version of our product so you can get a little assistance anywhere in your home. The freestanding unit has wheels that allow it to be transported around the home, and those wheels can lock to prevent any unwanted movement.


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