5 Engaging And Accessible Outdoor Activities

March 14, 2017 | 1:53 pm | By Pants Up Easy

This is the modern era and it provides a variety of exciting outdoor activity opportunities for everyone. There’s no excuse to stay in the house anymore, buckle up and try out these 5 engaging and accessible outdoor activities. You will not only have a great time, but you will also build a greater appreciation for life in general.

Adaptive Skiing

Transportation becomes arduous when everything is dressed up in snow. Mobility becomes difficult under such circumstances. But with science, we will hardly stop for anything these days. Wheelchair users can have an exhilarating experience adaptive skiing in the snow, which then turns the winter season into a memorable one. Hop on top of two skis and explore the mountainous views, and let the cold breeze tickle you a little. If you’re a pro at adaptive skiing and you have the necessary strength to control yourself, then monoskiing is what you should be opting for because it serves an experience that you can’t resist.

Hand Cycling To Get You Moving

Hand cycling is an outdoor activity that lets you move at high speeds. It comes with latest technology that allows you to control your movement based on road conditions, making it possible to enjoy hand cycling even on rocky paths. It also provides a pretty decent workout if you wish to step out alone, or you can have the luxury to go slow along with your companions and have a quality conversation with them while hand cycling. This is a standout amongst the most versatile outdoor exercises.

Open Water Paddleboarding

Science again has combined old and modern technologies to give everyone access to open water in the form of paddleboarding. It is an extraordinary fun approach to get out on the water. Paddleboards are large, modern gadgets that look practically like a wheelchair surfboard. These can be made wheelchair compatible. The seat can be mounted to the board, with little belts on the sides for more prominent movability. Paddleboarding is a fun, unwinding activity that will make you enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Wheelchair Hiking

Taking off for a climb may seem like a daunting task but there are a number of hiking options available for people of all abilities. Wider roads and smooth surfaces is what is needed to hike easily without much difficulties. Most parks have special trails that are prepared for wheelchairs. Plus, if you have special wheelchairs you may even enjoy yourself on uneven roads. Check with the local authorities about available paths and try to be a part of group hiking to have more fun.

Sailing upon the Oceans

One of the easiest ways to set your mood is to go sailing on a sailboat. You’ll need to harness the power of the breeze, which is a fun thing to do. Check out the resource material here by US Sailing on adaptive sailing for more information on the sport.


These are some incredibly fun adaptive activities that you can experience and break the stereotypes. They are all relatively safe (based on each individual’s discretion) and can be enjoyed by one and all. Check online for the venues that offer these activities around you, or visit this article to learn more about the places you can visit to have a great time.

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