4 Benefits Wounded Veterans Get From Pants Up Easy

March 11, 2016 | 8:00 am | By Pants Up Easy

To the veterans of the armed forces reading this blog, please allow me to start this article by thanking you for your service to your country. If you were injured in the line of duty, then even more gratitude is in order. Wounded veterans have made the supreme sacrifice and don’t always get the support that would be appropriate upon returning home. Keep in mind that you’re not alone. The U.S. Census Bureau 2014 Community survey reports that there are more than 3.7 million veterans with disabilities living in the U.S.

 Fortunately there are resources to help wounded veterans. There are support groups for people in your situation, for example. And lots of products are available which can help living with a disability much easier. Our own product, Pants Up Easy, is designed to help wounded veterans and others who are confined to a wheelchair due to an injury or illness. One of the biggest challenges to people in a wheelchair is finding a way to dress themselves, or even to pull up their pants after using the bathroom, and that’s what we offer a solution for.

 If you’re a wounded veteran, here are some of the ways in which Pants Up Easy can benefit you:

 1. Pants Up Easy saves you time, lots of time.

 I know how difficult it can be to dress yourself after using the bathroom. The inventor of Pants Up Easy, Douglas Pearson, got the idea for it after seeing how long it took his friend, who was confined to a wheelchair after a spinal cord injury, to use the restroom. When he learned that much of that time was spent struggling with pulling his pants up, he set out to design a product that would help alleviate the problem.

 2. It helps you achieve more independence.

 One of the biggest adjustments that wounded veterans and others with spinal cord injuries have to make is getting used to the idea that you need other people to help you with activities that used to be simple parts of your daily routine. If you’re like most of the people we know who have to live with being in a wheelchair, you’re always looking for ways to be more independent. Pants Up Easy helps you dress yourself so you don’t need to call someone for help with that.

 3. It reduces pain and discomfort.

 The Pants Up Easy products were designed to support your weight when you’re pulling your pants up. This keeps you from having to shift your weight from one arm to the other while you struggle to get your pants on, which can be uncomfortable or even painful. It also avoids having your clothing get bunched up, which produces discomfort while you’re dressing, and even more later if you have to go through the rest of the day that way.

 4. Less frustration = more happiness.

 As a wheelchair user, there are a lot of adjustments that you have to make to your lifestyle, and no shortage of frustrations. We can’t take all of those away, but if we can make it a little less of an ordeal to go to the bathroom, which you do a number of times every day, it may make your daily life somewhat easier and happier.

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