Pulling Pants Up Easy in just a few seconds!


  • Hands free lift system

  • Saves significant time

  • Reduces the need for assistance

  • Helps sustain independence

  • Reduces pain when dressing

  • Increases stability, reduces chance of falling

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PT's, Rns, and OT's recommend Pants Up Easy

Easy to Use

Pants Up Easy provides remarkable help, allowing wheelchair users the ability to lift themselves hands free and pull up their pants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Benefit From Pants Up Easy?

Typical users include all varieties of wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility such as: Amputees, spinal cord injured, people with Muscular Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, CP, etc. as well as those that care and support for those mentioned. So OTs, PTs, and daily caregivers also receive benefits from their clients using Pants up Easy.

How Much Do The Products Cost?

Our products are available through our dealer network. We also have special pricing available when you purchase directly from us. Contact us at info@pantsupeasy.com or click the Quick Inquiry button for more information about pricing or for a list of dealers.

Is Pants Up Easy Covered By Insurance Such As Medicare?

Pants Up Easy may be covered by your personal insurance however is not currently covered by Medicare.

Where Can I See The Product Specifications?

Product Brochure/Spec Sheet

General Capability Statement

Government Capability Statement

As a U.S. Service Veteran. Will The V.A. Pay For Pants Up Easy?

Pants Up Easy is definitely available to you via the VA, just be sure to provide your doctor and/or therapist this reference document Pants up Easy VA Capability Statement

Do I Have The Strength To Use The Products?

Although every person is different, a simple answer for this question is: If you have enough strength to transfer on and off of your wheelchair by yourself then you most likely have enough strength to use Pants Up Easy.