Pants Up Easy for those who live life in a wheelchair

Regaining My Independence!


“Amazing, finally with Pants Up Easy I can pull my pants all the way up with ease by myself! Being active within my family and work, it is a very powerful time-saving solution – I have not only found myself spending less time in the bathroom, I am also much more self-sufficient. Get your valuable time back with this product.”

-- Pat Van Buren, Pleasanton CA

Paul DeGroot uses Pants Up Easy

Why Do I Love Pants Up Easy?


“Finally, I can pull my pants up in seconds without having to rock painfully back and forth or lie down on a bed—and no more breaking belt loops. Pants Up Easy saves me a ton of time and discomfort. Fastest, easiest, and most comfortable way to pull up your pants if you’re in a wheelchair!”

-- Paul DeGroot, Pleasanton CA

Bill Sparfel

Finally Found What I Was Looking For!


"I am 59 years old and have been in a chair for 10 years since M.S. Took my legs. I am very independent.  Drive my car to work every day. I look after everything except standing to pull up my pants. This is the only thing I can't do on my own until Pants Up Easy. I have a Wall Model installed in my own home and will have them installed at my office and vacation property. I have looked for years for Pants Up Easy. Thank you for giving me back my independence."

-- Bill Sparfel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I Would Recommend This To Anyone!


"Ever since I’ve been injured, it has been a struggle getting dressed for years. As the owner of Endless Ability Enterprises, it has been my mission to seek new methods to make life easier for myself as well as others in similar situations. When I met Douglas at the Abilities Expo tradeshow, and discovered Pants Up Easy, I thought to myself ‘Why has something like this not been thought of already?’ It’s so simple and easy to use; I would recommend it to anyone that has minimal use of their legs due to spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, etc. After using this product in my home for several months, I can attest to Pants Up Easy being a game changer in my life."

--Antonio Quistian Jr., Morgan Hill CA