Pants Up Easy is a unique system that eliminates one of the most problematic issues with using the toilet and getting dressed for people with disabilities. Pulling their pants up. This system provides a safe way of lifting one's self enough to pull their pants up. No more rocking back and forth, side to side, a sometimes painful and dangerous problem. Its brilliance lies in the simple way the pad support system lifts the user up from the seat with their hands free to reach down pull up their pants.                            

The Pants Up Easy system alleviates the heavy lifting for care givers and unnecessary transfers from the toilet to the wheelchair to the bed, and finally back to the wheelchair, while maintaining the privacy and dignity of the user.  

Standard features common to all Pants Up Easy products:

  • Installed/Assembled system easily adjusts (12 positions - 13" vertical range) to most comfortable position
  • Powder coated stainless steel support system and brackets
  • High grade foam rubber pads
  • All frame materials are made from heavy duty rolled steel with corrosion resistant powder-coating.
  • System arms fold in either direction for storage or comfort


Pants Up Easy Wall Mount Unit

Wall Mount - Installed 

The PUE Wall Model-Installed (WMI-1501) is mounted behind the toilet or onto any wall in the home, and must be professionally installed by a licensed contractor.
Model Number: PUE-WMI-1501

  • Support system and brackets materials are made of stainless steel.
  • Pads are made of a high grade foam rubber.
  • System is adjustable with twelve positions, a total of 13 inches to create the most comfortable and optimal height.
  • System arms fold to either side to be out of the way for other users.
  • Pants Up Easy Wall Mount Model system comes fully assembled ready for your licensed contractor to install.
Pants Up Easy Wall Frame Unit

Toilet Model- Freestanding

The PUE Toilet Model-Freestanding (TMF-1502) is placed behind the toilet and does not require professional installation.

Model Number: PUE-TMF-1502

Additional features of the TMF:
  • Adjustable back plate to fit behind most toilet tanks
  • Durable plastic pads to prevent scratching of the floor
  • Easy Assembly

Wheelchair Model - Freestanding

The PUE Wheelchair Model-Freestanding (WMF-1503) is mobile, works with most wheelchairs and does not require professional installation.

Model Number: PUE-WMF-1503

Additional features of the WMF:

  • Mobile unit with locking wheels
  • Legs and arms fold up for compact storage
  • Easy Assembly